New DBA? No Worries!

As a new DBA or an accidental DBA, you might think you need to know everything but trust me, I have yet to meet a DBA that knows all. The sooner you realize that you cant possibly know everything about RDBMS, the sooner you will be able to openly learn and grow.

Being a DBA means constantly learning, whether it is reading, attending local sql groups, PASS meetings, SQL Saturday, and/or SQL Summit. The continual growth and learning will keep you relevant in the industry  in terms of employment. The RDBMS (Relational Database Management System) is a revolving door where new versions with new features are constantly being created so our job as a DBA is not only to make them work with our environment but to be flexible enough to seamlessly integrate any new technology into our environment without a pause or break in business. This blog is for both old and new DBAs to learn from each other and continue being the best DBAs we can be.




By Dummea Vincent

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