My name is Dummea Vincent and I work as a SQL server/Oracle DBA. I want to use this platform to share my knowledge and to  continue my  growth as a DBA. I like to joke that DBA means Doing-your-Best-Always!  And I hope we can help you become the best DBA you can be.

c  My name is MD Ullah. While working with Database systems, one of the biggest challenges as a DBA is to be alert and thorough when investigating any crisis or issue. Overlooking a single detail can be detrimental to your environment. This page will be used to share ideas and concepts. Let’s work together!

anthony face My name is Anthony Besong. I am an Oracle DBA and I would like to share my experience in the field with anyone willing to learn and become a successful DBA. Passing on my knowledge while learning from others is a great way for me to keep up with the industry.