Change SMTP server name

                   Simple Mail Transfer Protocol or SMTP is what allows you to receive email alerts from your Instance to either yourself, your alerting system or group of people. Now, in order for SMTP to work, it must be configured with a server. Some of our Instances were still using old deprecated SMTP servers so I needed to update all the SMTP servers to the current one. I used the following script to resolve the issue across my multiple servers. FYI this script was executed via my CMS (central management server). If you have CMS  in your environment then great, if you do … Continue reading Change SMTP server name


set pagesize 200 set linesize 200 col username format a30 col osuser format a20 –Archive log dest. %used col name for a45 SELECT NAME,TO_CHAR(SPACE_LIMIT, ‘999,999,999,999’) AS SPACE_LIMIT, TO_CHAR(SPACE_LIMIT – SPACE_USED + SPACE_RECLAIMABLE, ‘999,999,999,999’) AS SPACE_AVAILABLE, ROUND((SPACE_USED – SPACE_RECLAIMABLE)/SPACE_LIMIT * 100, 1) AS PERCENT_FULL FROM V$RECOVERY_FILE_DEST; –To check file consuming the most space du -sh * du -h /u01/app/oracle | grep ‘[0-9\.]\+G’ –To get difference between 2 files diff ./initinvprd2.ora /u01/app/oracle/ANTHONY/initinvprd2.ora or diff ./initPROD.ora initTEST.ora –To check cpu usage on OS mpstat 2 100 — Schema_names, tables & Size MB set pagesize 200 set linesize 200 col username format a30 col … Continue reading QUICK & EASY TO USE SCRIPTS